Microsoft Silverlight Development

Looking for application that is simple yet powerful to engaging your valuable customer? Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful framework for developing rich internet application that more interactive with stunning user experience. At RiantSoft, our Silverlight Developers utilize it to build a dynamic and user friendly application that easy to maintain and use with rich interface.

Silverlight Application Development

Silverlight Development

Silverlight development is one web application framework which brings in a lot of functionalities like that of Adobe Flash. It integrates graphics, multimedia, interactivity and animations into one single runtime environment. Silverlight application development is essential for getting superior hi-fi video quality as well as high graphical ability.

At RiantSoft we have rich and vast experience in Silverlight development. Providing a range of services in Silverlight development we have carved a niche for ourselves in the segment. This has become the most preferred platform owing to the flexibility and great quality.

There are a lot of benefits that come in with this web development framework.

  • Best quality videos can be experienced with the help of this development framework.
  • Applications can be built for cross browser and cross platform.
  • Developers can focus solely on the application core and backend where the visual part of the development is taken care of by the graphic design team.

Why Choose RiantSoft for Silverlight Applications?

We at RiantSoft offer solutions that are perfect for the business. We try to get a feel and an understanding of what is required and is apt for the business. We know well that this platform is ideal for businesses that are looking out for scalable and robust solutions and wish to display high definition video streaming that reflects their services. This platform is also considered to be ideal for those businesses that need rapid development as well as deployment of various new features. So, when we listen to your requirement our professionals will be able to ascertain what kind of solutions will befit your business.

We have great knowledge of the latest versions of Silverlight and know how to put to best use the developer tools as well as designer tools. With this knowledge our personnel can provide solutions that are beautiful and fully functional too. This web development platform allows businesses to come up with numerous line of business apps as well as websites. So, let us help you get the complete benefit of this powerful development platform and create rich media applications for mobile devices, desktop as well as the web.

What do we offer at RiantSoft?

At RiantSoft we offer RIA development in Silverlight. XAML development and Silverlight application development are also offered. Apps that are created with the help of Silverlight are highly compatible with the various operating systems. We are fully aware of all the kind of benefits it brings along and hence we put the best practices to deliver as per your requirements. Our professionals will first gain an understanding of your requirements and enhance the existing assets if necessary and that is what is called for.

We offer all the services that are associated with Silverlight development and leave no stone unturned to give you the best possible solutions that have been requested. And we take great pride in saying that our solutions come in at absolutely affordable pricing and we are sticklers for punctuality. Touch base with our experts to learn about the various solutions that you could get with this web development framework.