Sharepoint Development

Sharepoint is web-based enterprise information portal from Microsoft, which can construct to run Internet, Extranet and Intranet websites.

Microsoft Sharepoint Development

Sharepoint is web-based enterprise information portal from Microsoft, which can construct to run Internet, Extranet and Intranet websites that expand your organizations efficiency by restructuring the document management such as search information, content management, sharing, uploading, reporting and securing your companies data. Microsoft Sharepoint includes Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Search Server.

Sharepoint come with flexible architecture that makes it convenient and easy to modify as per growing business requirement. Windows Sharepoint services support quick integration and deploy with Microsoft office applications. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) is perfect for hosting websites that essential to access work space, shared documents and information. MOSS helps to sharepoint developers for developing complex integration and collaboration solutions for organization specific needs.

Key Benefit of Microsoft Sharepoint Development services:

  • Sharepoint provide intranet, internet and extranet sites in one single platform so, it help to cut organization expenses with feature rich infrastructure.
  • Sharepoint offer familiar Microsoft office experience so, the people quickly find information and easily share their business documents.
  • You can use its features as they are or quickly develop or customize it as per your business needs.
  • Its allows you to store your all the office document at one platform for rapidly search and share that help you to productivity of your business and centralize your organization.
  • Sharepoint search provide ultimate solutions for huge searching that save your organization searching time to get the right information.

Different organization has their unique specific need for sharepoint development and that required developing custom forms and data storage in sharepoint. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) support customization features where Sharepoint expert developers can create custom solutions using Microsoft dot net studio and Microsoft .Net Framework

What we provide in Sharepoint Application Development:

Our Sharepoint Consultants helps you to customize, configure and develop internet and internal sharepoint portals, document management, content management, 3rd party application integration, migration and reporting with sharepoint. At Riantsoft we provide complete sharepoint consulting services from scratch to extended integration and migration solutions based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 and 2010.

Some of Our expertise in Sharepoint Consulting:

  • Sharepoint Template and user interface design
  • Document management with version control
  • Custom Sharepoint development including custom web parts and dashboards
  • Deployment and Implementation of Sharepoint sites
  • Content management, Design and search services

We have a team of Expert Sharepoint Developer who has deep knowledge of sharepoint web parts, web services, object model and database, which help them to develop secure and robust solutions that solve business specific requirement and improve business efficiency. Our Sharepoint developers use latest frameworks, tools and object models to provide you most essential application services.

As a Sharepoint Development Company Riantsoft helps the clients to identify their business problem and provide optimal business solutions that optimize clients need and criteria such as maintainability, scalability, reliability, efficiency and application performance.