Our Work Culture

Our culture is a perfect embodiment of the right spirits that would take any business to greater heights. A perfect blend of professionalism coupled with the right amount of fun is what keeps all us professionals at RiantSoft absolutely fresh and dynamic in whatever we take up.


RiantSoft - Corporate Culture and Work Environment

We strongly believe in having a high positive morale in order to give out our best productivity. In order to ensure this we also take some extra effort to interact within ourselves and also with our clients and learn what more has to be done in order to restore the great working environment we have been able to establish.

If you a go-getter and are self motivated then RiantSoft is definitely the place to be in. With absolute focus on quality of the deliverables RiantSoft is surging forward keeping its flagship flying high in all its endeavors. Built on amazingly strong values, clear vision and robust principles; we work towards delivering only superlative stuff so that we have a win-win situation at hand. We look to further our business through the success of your business.

RiantSoft always is on the lookout for the right talent... both at senior level as well as junior level. The professionals need to have the role specific capabilities and should adapt themselves to the demanding situations that may arise in terms of time issues that may crop up with different zones that we work with.

  • An open doors culture is in place at RiantSoft. The employees are allowed to give in their inputs on various processes and also seek necessary guidance too if needed in their work.
  • With professional development being our top priority, we have comprehensive programs for our employees that will foster professional development.
  • IT and International Project Management are two fields that call for a lot of agility and adaptation to the dynamic nature of global clients. We strike a perfect balance between the creative demands across countries and deliver accordingly.

We are diligently working on our way to becoming the leaders in software and business development applications and are emerging as a strong power in the sector thanks to the support our clients have been extending to us.