When you are going to entrust us with your work, we are sure that you would want to know the methodology we follow in all our development processes. And for that matter, we have devised a unique and standardized model which will help you understand the stage in which we are in an ongoing project.


Methodology for Software Development

Here is a sneak peek at the way in which our professionals at RiantSoft will work when they are given a specific piece of job to be accomplished:

Stage 1: Project Initiation

  • All the details regarding the project are gathered, the objectives laid out and scope identified.
  • Various resources for the software development are identified.
  • Approximate costs of the business, a preliminary timeline for software development based upon the functional analysis are arrived at.
  • A rough plan of the project is arrived at, and the crucial stage at which the client interaction is needed is also identified. Once this is ready, we proceed onto the next stage.

Stage 2: Analysis

  • A thorough analysis of the entire project is planned with the client either through a direct meeting or if it is an offshore client through conference call or Skype. A business outline model is arrived at.
  • The process that is going to be implemented in arriving at the final product is identified and discussed with the client. There is transparency followed throughout the dealing.

Stage 3: Plan of the Project

  • The precision of the software design is arrived at and also verified. The technical design plan is also developed and discussed with the client.
  • It is during this stage that the relevant data structures are arrived at. Once all the other steps are done with attention is shifted to requirements of change if any in the design.

Stage 4: Project Changes and Betterment

  • This is the stage where the ground has been prepared for software development methodology.
  • The source code control, configure management and other conventions and development procedures are prepared.
  • Database environment is prepared; system documents and test data are produced. Inline software documentation, method level, coding with class level are all performed.
  • Stream testing is performed by the QA team and all the metrics that call for a chance in the design of the documents are gathered.

Stage 5: Project Testing and Deployment

  • During this stage, the system tests and integration tests are executed. Load tests and benchmark tests are performed.
  • All kinds of deliverables... implementation, user and training are kept ready and the production system is completely fixed.
  • If necessary the development team member may be present at the client site during deployment.

Stage 6: Evaluation Post Deployment

  • This one stage is crucial in drawing new dimensions to the project management. This stage also helps in learning pitfalls in the project if any so that adequate measures may be taken to avoid the damage that may be caused.

In short, at RiantSoft, we follow a systematic and sequential development process wherein the development can be made one stage after the other. This systematic approach no doubt has its own share of benefits. Allow us to take care of your software development projects and we sure will take care of everything for you.